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I was wondering either how to make or where to buy one of those scrolling tools, like what fits in the hardy.

Also a question about the website: on the old website on the left side there was a column that showed all the new updates (blueprints, news, etc.) and I always used that to see the new blueprints. Was that gotten rid of or is that somewhere else that haven't looked at?

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The admin guys are hustling as fast as they can to reload All the BP's. Once they have it done there will be an abundance of information on scrolls and scroll tooling.
From what I've seen the blog button on the front page gives you a page that now tells you what's new and and how progress is coming.
Hope this helps.


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The following Blueprints were posted Monday and Tuesday of this week

BP0031 Scroll Design Ten Hammers aka Steve O'Grady
BP0030 Scroll Design Irnsrgn aka Jr Strasil
BP0029 Scroll Design Ricky of South Africa
BP0028 Scroll Jigs Irnsrgn aka Jr Strasil
BP0027 Scroll Design Jim Joyce
BP0026 Principles of Design Boyd Holtan
BP0053 Smithing Maggician Richard Hanson
BP0025 Scroll Design Tony Pewton (UK)
BP0024 Scroll Design Peter Fels
BP0023 Scroll Design Irnsrgn aka Jr Strasil
BP0022 Scroll Generator Irnsrgn aka Jr Strasil
BP0021 Twister Irnsrgn aka Jr Strasil

You can find them by going to the tip of the IForgeIron.com opening page and clicking on the "folder tab" at the top of the page labeled "Blueprints" then click on Blueprints 000-100 series.

The Blueprints in the BP1000 series are complete and current, and the Blueprints in the 400+ series are current but the delay post feature is used to make them post through out the week.

The new material is posted is now under the "blog" button on the opening page of the site.

Between the front page, the forum, and the gallery, there is almost always something new on the site every time you visit.

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