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First post from NY


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Thanks for the spiffy new site Glenn & Company. I am fumbling around getting familiar with this while the snow storm rages outside my window. We had about fourteen inches this AM and supposedly much more on the way. This falls way short of the Redfield NY mark of 130+ inches. My sympathies to those people.
This is my first post but I have enjoyed the site for several months, especially the blueprint section! Thanks to all those that have contributed. I have a few to send in but the shop work keeps getting in the way.

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Hey Mtlwkr, I am also in NY, but lower down that you guys! Welcome to IFI. Also, if you are looking to take a little road trip you can come down for one of the Northeast Blacksmith's Association hammer ins, they are an excellent time!

Northeast Blacksmiths Association : ABANA (Artist Blacksmith Association of North America) affiliate.

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Go to the front page IForgeIron.com and at the top left, click on the "Blueprints" box. Then select the series of Blueprints you want. This is a new system so BP1000 series is complete, and the BP000-100 series is being posted at 5 or more a day. The remainder of the BP's will follow until all are moved to the new system.

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