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blacksmith tool???

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I'd say it's used for making cone tendrils that are commonly made by rapping up a tight scroll and pulling on the end...This guy just wrapped the stock around the cone from the bottom up, let it cool a tad and unscrewed it....Pretty clever...
I've made a few without grooves using a tapered mandrel set in a pipe bearing with a hurdy gurdy handle to wind em' up.....

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Hot diggity dog! Must be an ancient one for sure and very rare too. I get a real kick out of all the hand made by a blacksmith hammers and other tools that are for sure made by a machine and all because they are older than a CNC machine they must therefore be made my a blacksmith. This does look handy though for making something in the blacksmith's shop, I'm sure I could have come up with something to do with it.

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