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Halloooo from England!


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As im sure introductions are needed i'll give you the rundown.
Im a 21 year old male blacksmith working in Old England, having varying success with jobs as i currently have two; one being in a supermarket and one which isnt really worth mentioning.

I studied blacksmithing for 2 years at college and overall got a good pass out of it, not to mention all the memories. When i started, I also started doing part time work at a place called Anvil Ironworks and have helped them with various projects through the years, all in all had a great time there.
In my second year of college i also started doing some part time work at a forge called Stanmer Park Forge doing much more solo work and getting alot of traditional forging practice.
Unfortunately Stanmer is now closing but I still occasionally go up to Anvil and do odds and sods.

I'm slowly but surely building up my collection of tools and am hoping to be able to start making small bits from my garage soon after Xmas, like wood burners, braisures... bottle openers, coat racks, to name a few off the top of my head.

Errrr.... is there anything else i could or should add? Never been very good at posting on forums but i'll try my best to pitch in here :)

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welcome to IFI :)

I'm sure you'll find plenty of inspiration for things ot make if you browse around the forum for a while, I know I do (though I seldom remember the ideas when I get to work! :rolleyes: ). There are a growing number of Brits on the forum and we do have some gatherings amongst ourselves, including several IFI forgins at Westpoint (Exeter) organised by John Bellamy. Get yourself along to one sometime and see what others are up to

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Thank you for the replies so far! :) I shall check out the links and doo-dads, I defo know what you mean about getting great insperation for something then completely forgetting it just as you get round to being able to do it, a pain to say the least haha
It's me yeah, Beth ;) took your advice, im just slow more often than not.
If you want a link to a somewhat limited amount of bits ive done and helped on check out justj20.deviantart.com and tell me what you think, also give me a shout if you dont want me posting links like that, i'll learn sooner or later!
Thanks again, J

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