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rail spike kukri


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After finishing my first rail spike knife,( http://www.iforgeiro...il-spike-knife/ ) I decided to make one for my brother.He was always a fan of the Gurkha kukri style so I decided to try that.I knew it would be tough getting the blade mass for this style,so my first attempt fullered out the tang thinking I would add a wooden handle.I scrapped that idea after too much work and decided on a twisted handle.The first attempt(after necking it smaller towards the center)broke.I had tried too tight a twist in a short area.The second try was successful,but it did develop a crack after several heats.A quick arc weld and then I finished it out.I pushed everything that was left towards the tip.It isn't exactly proportionate to the style,but it was as close as I could do with the mass. I think this is it for me and rail spike knives....although I have started a tomahawk from one. :rolleyes:
Hmm....not sure how I put the photo up last time....so here is a link:


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