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Stag Hunter

Mike Turner

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I not only have taken the time to look at your knife, but I studied your knife.
Without any questions your skills have placed you on the “top side of the bar of excellence”.
I find your creation (the Stag Hunter Knife) is not only pleasing to my eye, but it looks as though it would be functional for general use.
This forum is very fortunate to have such fine blade smiths such as you and Rich. I am learning slowly, but I have learned a lot from the conversations you have with Rich.
Thank You for taking the time to answer the questions we ask you on the chat.
Be safe!

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Thank you for the gracious comment. I have enjoyed your work for sometime myself.


Thank you Ted I still have a lot to learn with the knife making but I do have a huge head start on most that come into it, I really enjoy talking with all the guys in the chat. I too learn talking with everyone there and I am glad that I can contribute to the community.

I had drawn several knives before I came to rest on this design, I like it so much that I have made it one of my stock patterns and will call it my standard hunter. It feels really good in the hand. I am sure this will be a great performer in the field.

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