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Raccoon head any one?

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I have a friend that had a raccoon come down her chimney in her new home. She needs a fireplace set for the home. My friends think that a set with raccoon head finials would be great. I searched the web today for instructions but failed to find any. I was thinking that maybe I could adapt the process for a bear's head to make the critter but I thought I would ask the knowledge base on here for their opinions. Has anyone tried a raccoon or have some pointer's? I need to order Daryl nelson's bear head DVD. Thanks for any other pointers you might have.

Brian Pierson

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Bears have a round(ish) boxie type head with a defined *stop* (the transition between the nose and the skull)

The raccoon has a flat triangular head with little *stop* (the transition between the nose and the skull). Do not forget the mask.

Do a google search for bear head skull or raccoon head skull and then click on images. Do not let the markings or coloration of the fur get in the way of seeing the skull of the animal.

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