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Silver Casting Question


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I have a friend who wants to cast some 50cal. balls for a muzzle-loader using silver. The worry we have is that the Lee mold has aluminum mold blocks. Melting point for aluminum is 1200ish, while silver is 1700ish. Will we destroy the mold, or will the aluminum sink the heat out of the molten silver before it melts deforms? Additionally, he'd like to NOT destroy the mold, he'd like to be able to use it for casting useable balls in the future. He's not afraid of werewolves and vampires. Its for a going-away gift for a colleague.


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The silver would make a mess of the aluminum. I know nothing about casting ammo, so take this all with that in mind. I have no idea if this will create safe ammo.

There are several places that sell sand casting kits. They include a casting flask (holds the sand), casting sand (has a binder to help it hold forms), a crucible and tongs (I replaced mine quickly, as the one in the kit is junk) and instructions. With a good casting reference, and a model (a cast round in the same caliber maybe?) I'd think you could cast duplicates. Not positive though, as all metal shrinks a little when it solidifies. I've cast bronze with a higher melt temp than silver that way.

Other than that, lost wax casting is used for casting silver, but you need a bunch of gear, and the mold is destroyed every cast.


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for a bullet mould , two cuttle fish bones rub togeather make mating surfaces,hollow out to near bullet size then place a bullet in the hollow press them togeather to make the mould prick two locating holes through remove the bullet ,cut out a pourer and riser, fasten the bones togeather pin the locating holes ,.,and run in your silver.

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