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Smoke Cannon

Ron Hicks

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Evidently the folks that make these think there is a LOT to it, $400 to be exact!

All it is is an air jet hooked to that hose blowing downstream at high velocity to create the venturi effect that pulls more air in behind it. Same principle as used in an atmosheric forge burner. This unit requires 17CFM of air which around here would require a lot of waiting on the compressor.

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$400.00 gota be kidding thats crazy.
I thought might try to make one but use a small elc. blower instead of a compressor.
I think the little blower I have will do more than 17CFM

I want to make something to suck the fumes - I looked at a vac. at the welding supply it was on sale $1000.00:o

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After reviewing the smoke cannon concept, I think it is a nice approach, although I feel it is way over priced.
Due to necessity I have built something similar to it before. The problem with using it inside would be that the products of combustion would be re-distributed in to an enclosed environment, or that the products of combustion would have to be vented to the outside.

That means that in the winter you would have to allow at least an equal amount of air to flow into the shop. During the winter months here, we experience -30 and -35 below at night with a -4 degree high in the day. I cannot work with it being that cold any more. 50 years ago I did!
Due to serious lung problems (Reactive Lung Disease), I need every advantage I can get to protect myself.
There is no work to be found out here where I live for this old man. So I have to create a job for myself. The only thing I know how to do is blacksmithing and welding.
Just two years ago I about died from lung problems. It cost me over $20,000.00 dollars out of pocket in just three months to pay doctors and hospitals. They were of no help.
It wiped out my savings for nothing in return, and that is why I need to start up a new shop again at this time in my life.

I don’t know if I will fall flat on my face trying to run a shop again, but I do know I need to be able weld in order to make a shop productive.
My first line of defense is to use an (N-99) mask/filter. I bought a special shaped welding hood/mask so that it fits well.
Due to my lung problems I have studied everything I can find about maintaining a fresh air environment for when I weld.
Opening a window and a door to your shop does not necessarily guarantee fresh air.
It depends on how large the shop, door and window is, and where they are located. Sometimes the open door and window concept just creates a mixing situation.
From what I have read, they recommend that you should bring in fresh air from a low point into your shop opposite the location of your exiting vent. The exiting vent should be located at a high point. That way, the warm air carries the fumes up and out.

The down side to venting your shop in the winter is that you will loose your heat.
When I weld out side in the winter, or when it is freezing cold inside the shop (among other things), I have problems with fog build up in my face shield.

Due to my extreme problems with my lungs, and my need to keep the shop warm, just two days ago I bought a Lincoln (Mini-flex) fume extractor with brackets, and air scoop. I paid about $1,550.00 for it. I am going to try to use it today.

That is a lot of money. But compared to the over $20,000.00 out of pocket the doctors and hospital charged me, this may be a bargain for me.
Be safe!

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I have made a few of these over the years, usually from whatever bits are laying around the shop. They do work very well, but are most use if you are welding inside confined spaces, like tanks or containers.

If you want plans to make your own, there are plenty about. Here's a good one.


There is a lot less than $400 in materials here.

For bench-top welding nothing beats a proper LEV type fume extractor, with the exhaust air either filtered and returned or vented out of the shop.


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