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Oxy/Propane set up

Don A

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Some time ago I bought a Radnor torch set (cutting torch, welding torch, regs & hoses). Radnor is apparently an AirGas store brand (I paid about half what they normally sell for).

These markings are in the components:

Gauge: Fuel – Acetylene

Hose: Acetylene Only – Grade RM

For the time being, I want to use Oxy/Propane for light cutting, but particularly for localized heating in my forged work.

I figure the hose is a no-brainer, but what about the gauge? Will it work with propane?

A salesman at the local AirGas implied that everything just swapped over, but I’ve read enough cautions to doubt that.

I’m trying to decide if I should just try to sell this rig to an acetylene user (it’s still unused and like new at this point) or if I can just buy new hoses and make it work.

Any other advice on the Oxy/Propane rigs would be appreciated.

By the way, I have qualified instruction lined up when I get everything in order. I just wanted to get all of the preliminaries take care of.



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You arn't supposed to use an Acetylene gauge with propane, The propane will eat the seals.

How long does this take?.....I've been doing just that for decades.. :) ..If it were my rig I'd use the hose as well if it were in good shape........I believe what the warning implies on the hose is that red hose is to be used for fuel only.
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You can use the regulator on propane. The big concern is your cutting and heating tips. These are different for actylene and propane It is also more difficult to weld with tis set up some might even tell you you should not do it. Follow the advice from your welding supplier they will stear you in the right direction.

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Call the Manufacture of the gauge. Most newer actylene gauges have all fuel seats and diaphrams but not all. I used an actylene gauge on propane for twelve years before it effected the diaphram. I also used the actylene hose with no adverse results. Most of the journeyman size gauges are all fuel. The smaller hobby are not. Many millwrght and welding contractors are going to propane and are only changeing the tips.

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