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Need help


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I have been contacted by a fellow in Wyoming who shows keen interest in learning the Craft of the Blacksmith. Through my conversation with him, he shows that he does have the patience to see it through the learning process. My problem is that I live in West-Central Saskatchewan and he lives in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming. Anyone close by this fellow and willing to help?

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A quick search located blacksmiths in Cheyenne, Powell, Lingle, Buffalo and other areas. We need to have a little more information so we can get a little closer than just a state address.

Wyoming has a rich history and I am sure many of the state parks have blacksmithing connections. You may want to try the state division of tourism, or parks and rec.

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This is a copy of an old e-mail from Dan Nibbelink from the Rocky Mountain Smiths. I believe he is still having these once a month. It's usualy 4 or 5 guys and gals with a hammer and something hot. Good bunch and about an hour from Cheyenne. Give him a call.

This month Open Forge will be on second Saturday, Nov 11th
I also plan to have Open Forge on Dec 9th.

I will be hosting "open forge" at my shop in Berthoud on second Saturdays (unless there is another RMS event scheduled that day). Start about 10 am, till about 4 pm. Next time is this Saturday, Nov 11th ; come and go as you wish.
You should call to verify on future dates.

This is an opportunity to meet other smiths, pound some iron, ask or answer questions, buy/sell tools. If you are just getting started in blacksmithing and don't have the tools this is a way to get some instruction and experience. Even if you think you know what you're doing there is always more to learn, plus you can share your knowledge. You can bring your friends too.

Please let me know if you are planning to come so I can have try to have enough equipment. If you can bring forge and/or anvil let me know. But if you forget to let me know, or decide at the last moment, please come too.

Safety glasses and non-synthetic clothing required, hearing protection recommended. Bring your own hammers, tongs and materials if you have them. Lunch etc: BYO or go into town.

Location: 1932 N (Old) Hwy 287, Berthoud, CO.
East side of (Old) 287, near County Road 10E.
Massage Therapy sign in front yard, driveway on south side of house.
Drive around back and park between the house and the barn. Blacksmith shop to the north.
1.5 miles north of Colo Hwy 56.
3.5 Miles south of Colo Hwy 402.

The bypass (Berthoud Parkway) is finally open (hurrah!) so where are some changes for getting to my house.
From the north on 287: A couple of blocks south of the light at Campion (Colo 60) there is an exit to Berthoud, just before the road sweeps to the west. Take that exit.
From the south on 287: Take the Berthoud exit (Hwy 56) and drive thru town the "old" way. Or, you can continue on 287 to the light at County Road 17 (Taft), go south on CR 17 about 1/3 mile to CR 10E. East 1 mile to Old 287, and you'll be looking at my house.

Dan Nibbelink

1932 N Hwy 287 Berthoud, CO 80513

970-532-4387 home

970-532-5404 work

dan@nibbelink. net

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