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cambridge roller

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hi,its my first post in here,so hello from newzealand.
ive been watching for a while and im pretty happy theres a proper forum on blacksmithing started up.
ive got acess to a big (8 foot length of 3inch diameter approx )cambrige roller shaft to cut up, and was wondering if this would be any good for forging into hammer heads etc.if yes, any ideas on the heat treatment.any help much appreciated.sorry i dont know what type of steel it is.
cheers, casey.

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Case there are plenty of "proper" forums on blacksmithing out there; this is just one of them.

I would suggest trying the spark test to determine what your roller is made from and note you will need to check the center of the piece as well as the outside edge as it possibly could be case hardened.

Never having a need to roll cambridge or oxford for that matter I don't know what they used for the rollers.

Unless you have access to a powerhammer or mates who will swing a sledge for beer 3" stok is WAY too large to be usefull for forging stock---it is however usefull to make tooling from, Stake Anvils, other metalworking stakes, etc.

If you can get it free, jump on it. If they want a bunch of money for it I'd pass.


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