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A couple of years ago, before I was interested in in blacksmithing my wife and I went to a yardsale and spent a bunch of money. as we were walking back to the car she said " I'm suprised yoy didn't want the vise", What vise? we went back and she showed me this vise that I had never seen the likes of before. He wanted $20 for it. I dug in my wallet and could only find $15. he said ok so I picked up this monster and loaded it up. After doing some checking and a little cleaning I discovered that I had stole a 100% original 5" Indian Chief post vise in great working order and this got me interested in blacksmithing. The only issue with it is some wear on the jaws and a bent handle. I will try to get some pics posted this weekend.
Does anyone know when these were made?

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The vise has clearly had some parts forged in a closed die. I have also seem many of these brands and they are nearly identical, also the screw box is solid and not pieced together.

These three things pretty clearly tell me that they were made in a large factory and made in large numbers. Not hand made over an anvil like you may see from a colonial vise. I would feel comfortable saying your vise is probably made from 1880 to 1920

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