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Field handrail twister

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Field handrail twister

Last fall I had an exterior griprail to install/fabricate in the field. It was the solid rolled ornamental stuff we all know and love......there were many curves on the steps and it was all very irregular so it had to be pretty much hand fit. The curves were a breeze with my ''bulldoze bender'' but the twists.....Clamping them in a vise and using a regular twisting wrench was out of the question....what was it to be, bring up my small forge??, do local heats with the rosebud?? ARGG. My eyes fell upon an old 4' x14'' x 7'' beam that's been kicking around....hmm, might work, hmm....Well it works, and I did the twists with ease. If they got a hump in em while being worked I simply laid em across the flanges and gave them a wack. All from junk. No torn rotator cuffs, no chiropractors. works good around the shop too...........





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No you just need more cottonmouths and copperheads to pay you a visit in your smithy to keep you in shape...

(Like the old joke about the bear chasing a fellow and the guy jumping at a tree with the first branch 20' off the ground--"Did you catch it?" "Not on the way up but I managed to grab it on the way down...")

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