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Working on a knife for a friend who's going to iraq next month. Figured I'd post a few pics before the project was finished. Currently refining the fittings to make them flush with each other, then I gotta install a butt-cap. Anyway, let me know what you think. Blade is made of an old file.



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If your friend is going as a warrier I surely hope you have the background and experience in edged weapons to assure that this knife can indeed be trusted to Do as desired. A failure of the piece could be a disaster and none of us would like to even think of that. A blade that would work in that situation should be crafted by someone that follows a dedicated, structured program of testing, both in the shop and field work that provides the confidence in its ability to work each and everytime without chance of failure. If you have all of those skills then I am sure it will be a welcome piece. If you would like to see just how you are doing with blades I suggest you review the ABS testing guidelines for ideas on wot you can do in the shop to see how your blades stand up to a known set of guidelines.

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I am a member of the ABS and I my self am an law enforcement officer. I use my self made knives for my personal defense. I wouldn't mind doing a video of this knife in testing, I just wont bend it lol. I aim for abs performance standards with all my knives and hopefully this one will cut the mustard as well. But it is a far cry from a finished product at the moment so only time will tell. I appreciate the concern and value our opinions. I hope this WIP will meet your expectations as well when finished.

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