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I Forge Iron

One more newbe building a gas forge, but with lot of pic's


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So without hesitation, I jumped in with both feet. :huh:

I bought a 3/4" burner from Rex at Hybrid burners.

I picked up a 3 20lbs propane tanks from the neighbor when he moved.

I cut the end out of one tank with a jig saw and a slot on the back to allow items to pass through.

Some of my other supplies arrived. Koawool, itc100, rididizer, the propane regulator and ball valve.

I burned the tank in my fire pit for about 15-20 minutes to get the old propane goo out.

I sanded the rust and old paint off, plus its been washed with soap and water.

I'm ready to drill a hole in the tank for the burner holder. From what I have read it should be about 15° off from top dead center.

For the bottom, I just have a common yellow fire brick, I took the grinder and "adjusted it" to fit the tank well. Need to make one more as the tank is about 12" inside. I don't plan to do any welding inside, but could add some ceramic board if that comes up.

Can I use ceramic tile on the sides? It would be nice to have some sides that can resist a bump or two.

I want to get the burner mounted asap and start working on the wool.

I will post pic's later tonight when I get home. Thanks

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Depends what kind of ceramic tile, but probably not. The common ceramic tiles for household use are not engineered to handle the thermal shock encountered in a forge, even if they'll handle the temperatures (which they may not). For the temps a gas forge should be able to generate, you want high alumina refractory ceramics.

The usual solution to the problem you're describing is a skim coat (or a bit more) of castable refractory or refractory mortar. Tell us where you are (fill out the location block in your profile) and we may be able to help you find some locally. Otherwise there are many online suppliers, which I'm sure are listed somewhere around here. High Temp Refractory on eBay is one option. High Temp Tools (not related) is another.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. (insert name here)

The ITC-100 is very resistant to most fluxes so unless you're going to start pattern welding billets your liner will last reasonably well. Don't forget to use the ITC-100 on the fire brick floor, reflected heat is heat in the fire box.

The alignment of the burner is largely a matter of personal preference. I placed mine at an angle in my old pipe forge to induce a vortex. My present variable volume forge has mostly squarish chambers and the burners are aligned vertical down. Either configuration works just fine.

In future you don't need to burn out the mercaptan goo in the propane tank, a cup of Chlorox and fill it with water will clean it out and deodorize it. My preference for a pipe forge is SS stove pipe, it's off the shelf, needs no special tools, handy accesories like wall hangers are off the shelf, comes in many handy sizes and SS reflects a lot of the heat back into the chamber.

I paid for the propane I WANT as much of the available BTU output as long as I can have it. It's the Scott in my I'm sure.

Nothing wrong with propane tank forges with a couple really REALLY minor precuations you've covered already. Ron Reil got onto developing the things and did a fine job. I just never figured why he just HAD to use em, no reason not to but . . . I never figured out WHY pick em when there are so many easier to work with alternatives. How about a steel bucket? For instance.

Have you figured on using two layers of Kaowool? It'll leave you 8" of interior diameter and it's a good thickness to conserve heat.

Have you joined CBA? They're a darned active bunch of guys and are having some big thing going almost every weekend. It's a really worthwhile bunch to get hooked up with.

Have fun play safe.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Thanks for the information. I hear ya on the cost of fuel. Good tip on painting the floor with ITC.
Is 8" to big? I can do 3 wraps and make it 6"
CBA? not sure what that is. I could guess at California Blacksmith assc.

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I got the pipe welded in, sorry about the weld pic, the camera was set on black and white (kids)

I need to make a stand or feet and something to hold longer stock. Maybe add a small porch too.

Then I think I'm read to add the koawool.

Looks like I'm out of memory on this site, uploaded pics to a different site and it would not let me link them here.

so here the url sorry, until I figure how to post the pic's



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