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Swedish smiths under power hammer

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That site popped up when I did a photo search for presses on craigslist..it was pretty and blue and a four poster so I clicked on it...the sight is a joke..literally...it reads as untrue and that human head on the side is actually a five foot sculpture that a British guy made a few years ago...it was a big deal in some circles so I remembered it....

I like presses and am envious of all the deals I see folk get who live in, what are becoming, post industrial areas...Milwaukee, Chicago an the Twin Cities (largest ones close to me) were wiped years ago so all the cool tools are long gone.

I found two 12" cylinders a year back and then bough new steel for the frame...still hoping to find a complete unit before I take the fabricating plunge to built it....of course had I just made the thing last year I'd already have very large press......


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