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Hello there fellow forgers and the likes! I wanted to share with you my first patternwelded knife I ever made. This was back in 2008 when I was in school and I got the liberty to choose bladesmithing as a final exams project... thingy..?

Its a 300count, cant remember the types of steel. With birch ( "whale birch"), some shiny spacers and curly birch on the tips. and a buffalo horn innlay on the back.

As far as I can remember this was right about under half a year after I started with the smithing. (10 hours a week) When my teacher said, "wanna try patternwelding?"

Well, Its all done by myself, the color watching, slitting and all that, but had help from a queit proud powerhammer (My dad with a sledgehammer) and ofcourse the keen eye of my teacher.

Well, I got an A on the whole project and graduated with a jolly big grinn on my face and a life long addiction.

Hope ya like it

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Branch, you done good, son. I love the grain in the handle and the pattern weld is very nice. I am going to try some chainsaw chain welding for some blades, if the weather ever cools down some. Thanks for sharing. :D

Cheers! Sounds interresting. I take it you´ll post the results on the forum? :P The nice thing living in Norway is that the warmest we get is about 28celsius and that just 1 week at max spread over the whole summer, now its 18 and im sweating xD
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