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What in the World are "stickies"? I clicked on it and found the Hofi Hammer post. I clicked on that and it simply brought me back to forum. Tried three times. WHERE IS THE HOFI HAMMER POST? Stuff seems to disappear from the forum or go to some spot that only the "truly informed" seem to have access to? Please make searching easier for we old guys who aren't computer whizzes. thanks, Eric
Could you send me an email so I won't go nuts looking for response to my post???

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There are "stickies" in many sections of the forum, I need to know which section you are referring to.

A sticky is usually information related to that topic that should be read first, or that is referred to often in order to explain a question.

IForgeIron moves a massive amount of information and material. Many times a topic of interest to the viewer will become buried under new material and seem to fall off the page. It is still there, just that new material is always on top. If you reply to a post that may be 2,3,4 years old, it will bring it back to the top of the list and the discussion continues.

There is a setting where you can choose the amount of material viewed, whether a day, week, month, year, or all. Adjust this setting to see more or less information on a given section of the site.

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