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A few months ago, I asked some friends to keep an eye out for an 80+ gal or so air tank as I had built a new style Kinyon hammer and wanted more air storage. I received a call from a friend, who at the time was in a junkyard in CA. and had found an 80 gal tank with an IR T-30 compressor for $100. I sprung for it, and friends transported it to Oregon. As it turned out, the compressor, vintage 1958, was fine, quiet, efficient, but the tank needed repair. OK, pita welding the tank, but all in all, a hell of a deal. A week ago, another friend found a vintage 1965 DeVilbiss/80 gal tank/compressor for $450. It too works great. I bought it and passed it on to another friend for the same $.

Long story short, American ingenuity is/was nothing short of amazing. These machines have hundreds, if not thousands, of hours on them and are still working as designed with no rebuilds, and parts are still available.

Mod note: political rant removed as per IFI TOS

What I do know is that those who designed and built the compressors really knew what they were doing and I'm proud of them, and those who took pride in their work.

I hope to continue that pride in my work.


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Not that I disagree John... I think your on the money.. But, and its a big butt...

My Quincy 5HP compressor is one like you talk about and is just about bulletproof... But I plumbed it with a line up and all the water in the line condensed back in the head causing the valves to rust shut... Cost for a single new valve and a gasket kit? $560... Cost for a new disposable 5HP China built compressor? $199 I did the right thing and spent the big bucks to fix the Quincy... That 5HP pressure lubricated Quincy compressor has a replacement cost of about $3500...

No question its better.. but when you can buy 17 China built ones for the same money whats the average consumer going to do? And then your going to be upset that they didn't buy American?

I for one buy quality over price when it suits me... I would rather own a snap on tool than a harbor freight one... I find joy in using nice tools and good equipment... But most of the "quality" things I have I couldn't afford to buy new.. Ive had to collect the dregs and industrial outcasts....

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Ive had to collect the dregs and industrial outcasts....

It is fun though isn't it? I bought an old Empire shaping machine yesterday for about $300.


I think its not just"American made" it's equipment made for our fathers and grandfathers that was made to last!

My brother who is a plumber was playing golf with an executive from Quickhot(they produce the bulk of hotwater geysers used here) he said in the past your product would last 15 years easily now your product lasts 5 years max why? His answer was" Because we are in the buisness of selling geysers and the previous generation of management seemed unaware of that!"

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Yeah, I sold a hammer once, but the guy said "ya got anything different than that Korean motor"? I had a new Westinghouse and put on it. "Now that's what I'm talking about", and he was happy. Funny thing was, on the label it said "made in Korea"!

Ya most of my shop tools, the ones I really like to use are older than me.... by quite a bit. With motors that are worth rebuilding if they die....

On my ride home today, I passed a road widening project funded by all of us. Parked On the was one of those huge import dump trucks. I began to get mad that work funded by us, the tax payer was using equipment that was made or owned by an over seas company. Then I realized all the companies that are in that kind of business are global. Meaning they have parts made from all over the world shipped to an assembly plant.

We, as a people are being sold down the river for easy profits.....
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