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Flash Bainite

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I've heard about it in a couple research articles and such, but have yet to see anyone actually using it. It will be interesting to see if anything actually comes of it.

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There was a thread about it here a month or two ago. In the paper I saw they were making it in thin sheet steel, with an eye toward auto bodies and the like. I'm not sure how well the process would scale to something, say, the thickness of a blade, if that's what you have in mind.

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I saw an article on the initial discovery as well, it appears to be a 10 second heat treatment that suprised material researchers. Only 10 seconds is why the required energy is so low for the effect. I am assuming the details are proprietary,But they did say it was accomplished with heat, we may never know exactly how its done (hopefully it will leak out).
I am fairly sure that forging after treatment would ruin the effect and it would have to go through the process again.
Looks like it will be a boon for auto makers and the like. I have heard it is a 7% increase in strength, which means that a drastic amount of weight can be cut.

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