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Chambersburg footing

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I got the pamphlet and took some pictures of the first few pages to show the footing requirements. There are two diagrams, photo not included, of type 1 & 2 together and a diagram of a type 3. I included a photo of the packing list date 1/23/1958 when it was shipped I assume. post-7487-0-17685000-1311121842_thumb.jp





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Looks like you have a 300lb. one piece from the packing slip? Don't think you "need" timbers but as mine has the same frame, the die is so low I will be pouring the concrete flush and raising the hammer with 8"-10" with timbers. Just depends if you want the concrete flush or not, still needs to be separated from your slab.

That bulletin is a nice bit of literature, any chance of getting a copy?


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a one chunk CH is a score! Nice hammer!

And yeah what Dillon said.. You should put something down between the foundation and hammer... I used applecore hardwood ply... I know people who have used belting and things other than timbers... but it should have something to help isolate it from the concrete a bit..

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Danger Dillon: What kind of copy would you want? I can take pictures of each page as I did for this website and post them. My printer scans but doesn't talk to my computer, so I don't think that way will help. Let me know. It is an interesting document and to see the packing list takes you back in time. The packing list has another date on it that is the "compiled date 11/23/54 with signatures of "packed by, shipped by, and checked by" The hammer has an interesting history. It belongs to a City Fire Dept, and the welder remembers it being started 35 years ago when he first started his job. He said it was started a few years later, but hasn't been touched since then. A friend started it up recently and it ran like they used it yesterday.

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