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buying a forge

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Hello All!

Well I believe I have gotten enough knowledge about the craft to get started. One of the first things I want to try and get is a Forge.

I have a book that talks you through making one, but the thing is it talks about welding one. This is a problem because I do not know of any welders or do I have a welding device.

So my other route is to buy. Now here is the trick... I looked on e-bay and saw some - but $150.00 for a forge that did have an electric blower.
Anyway I am just wanting a simple Pan Forge to start out with, so I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone willing to sale a used / good pan forge, or knows of a good site to buy one from.


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Before you go out and spend a lot of money, try to make some of the forges talked about here and pictured on IForgeIron and other sites.

The 55 Forge can be made for little or no cost and works, as does the break drum forge and Archie's Little Red Wagon Forge. If you have trouble building a forge, then you will have more trouble when it comes to building a gate, or any large project. It takes the same mindset to make both work.

If you build a forge with a small investment, you will still have the forge AND most of your money if you decide blacksmithing is not your cup of tea. Besides, you can use the money for steel, coal, tools, and a bunch of other things if you want to continue in the craft.

Do what is right for you.

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Thanks everyone for the advice!

I guess I could still make the forge - I want to make a Pan Forge from a Brake disc, but again it talks about welding to make it - and well no welding access.

I will figure out something I am sure!

If anyone has any good idea's about making a Pan Forge, from a Brake Disc, without welding let me know.

I understand the mind set - I am a Software Engineer by day, and I know I have the mind set to do Blacksmith work. I also know though that I have a lack of tools... and I need a forge and some basic tools, to make tools!!

But anyway, if anyone has any good idea's or links on making a forge without welding let me know!

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The Rear brake drum from A late 90's Dodge or Plymouth Neon is just a hair smaller than the OD of a 2 " gas pipe nipple , a little work on the grinder and it fits tight- pound it about 1/4 inch into the hole. Flip it over and using a ball pein hammer, pein the pipe over into a flare locking it on to the brake drum. WITH NO WELDING ! ( a 1996 Dodge neon brake drum brand new at the parts store is $12.00 or you can get one free from your local service station, other models might work too but my wife had a 96 neon and I have done the brakes a few times... ) All you need now is a 2 " gas Tee 2 more 2 " pipe nipples a 2" end cap and a blower ( Colemans Surplus sells a 12 volt blower, military surplus for about $16.00 look them up on the web use it with a car battery or if you have any old electronics with the "wall wart plugs" you know the big square ones like your computer speaker power plug , look for one rated at 12 volts cut and splice... ) . look in your local hardware store or plumbing supply house for a 4"-8" cast iron drain cover for a ash grate ( cost $5.00-10.00 ) Find a old steel rim that the brake drum will sit in , drop the drum/pipe assy through the rim add a clay and sand mix ( dig it from your yard if you can- or the super cheap Kitty litter or automotive "floor dry " will work too it's made from clay ) let dry slowly, smoothing any cracks with water. place on a stand at your desired working height a stand can be anything ... stacked concrete blocks , bolted together angle iron or scraps even wood will work for some parts - you do own a hacksaw and drill dont you ? if you are working outside you are done , otherwise run your vent pipe in a manner that complies with all building saftey and Fire codes and avoid Galvanized vent pipe, it emits toxic gasses when heated. If you are good at scrounging and have a good imagination you should be able to build a good working forge with the blower for less than $50 -$60 and still have some cash left over for that nice 2 lb german pattern cross pein and a few bags of charcoal and hey: YOU BUILT IT! Thats what this is all about, being able to make all the tools you want ! :D

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Take the 55 Forge and turn it into a side blast forge by pumping air through a 1" dia pipe. No welding.

See oakwoodforge's suggestion for air.

Bottom line is that it can be done. All these suggestions will get the iron hot. If you have the extra cash, get a store bought forge. You just have to figure out how our suggestions apply to your situation.

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Thanks everyone! I believe I have the need knowledge know to make my forge...

To Start I will be working Outside, of course storing my forge inside when not in use. I do have plans on making me a no walls shop (roof, and corner post) I have seen a design for an old English style village blacksmith shop in the book I am reading that I really like.

Anyway I will keep everyone posted on my progress and hopefully have some results to show for my first project soon!

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