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A couple I'm working on

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Here are a couple of axes I'm working on. The one that is not hafted is actually the first one I forged out. The second is a barter piece to a guy that is helping me get a gas forge up and running. These are forged from 16 oz claw hammers. They have Purpleheart hafts.
Specs: The finished axe
19" long
Head: 7" from horn tips to edge.
Cutting surface: 2.5"

Unfinished Axe:
7 1/4" Horn tip to edge
Cutting surface: 2 3/16"

I heat treated then edge quenched in veg oil. Two tempering cycles @ 400 degrees F. The horns are somewhat softer than the edge, but I like the idea that they are more springy.
I tried to get pics of the eyes that I punched, but my photo skills stink and our camera is cheap. :( I am going to try to carve a design into the haft of the unfinished axe, but that should be a challenge.

On to the pics:


Thanks for looking. These are the first axes I've actually finished so ANY suggestions at all are welcome. Anything from the forging to HT to carving to hafting. Anything in the process. If you have any suggestions, I'm, open to them.

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Well they look nice BUT I do not like the way you pinned them to the handles... they need a properly waisted hole and proper wedging. The pin connection is not strong enough for this type application... the wood will split above the pin and allow the handle to loosen... possibly becoming quite dangerous. It is sort of like a nail too close to the end of a piece of wood, exacerbated by the heavy use to be expected of a striking tool like this.

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Cool looking axe.

Purple heart? Local wood?

Mark <><

HA! No. Several years ago when my daughter saw the "purple wood" at a woodworker's store, she wanted me to make her a purple bed. Not knowing better, I bought enough wood for the bed frame. Then I found out how hard it is and about its toxicity (though I find Cocobolo to be worse). So I still have a bunch of purpleheart laying around. I'll make something out of the wood for her room, but rest assured it won't be a bed!
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