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Hello All,

I had been toying with the idea of learning more about the trade for a while. I was really excited to walk into an ad for a local free introduction to blacksmithing in my area a while ago, and when I thought that I had missed it due to work scheduling I realized that I was done 'toying' with the idea. Well it turns out that I hadn't missed it by a month. Well... now I just can't wait that long. So I've taken the initial steps, I'm doing my research, looking for an anvil, trying to learn more day by day and just loving it. I found IFI just a couple of days ago and I really have to commend the site and the community here on the site. I've spoken with a smith in the area who was very kind and encouraging, and to paraphrase his comic closing statement- I can't wait to just 'heat it and hit it' I'm looking forward to learning what I can- making things I need, things I can use, things other people need or can use, and even those things no one needs or uses. I'll be sure to post in the proper places but right off the bat I'm looking for recommended texts on metalurgy.

Glad to be here all.

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We are glad to have you here!
One thing that makes it great is you will never run out of great things to try, learn and make.
once I had my first go at it I knew I was hooked.
I have made things for years but never realized how bad I needed a forge. It makes a HUGE difference in what you can do. I have done projects I never would have tried without blacksmithing.
You can specialize in about anything, from weapons to decorative and from utility to ornamental you can do it! Or just have fun and try it all!
Good luck! :)

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Welcome to IFI and your newest hobby/habit, addiction, passion/obsession. Lots to learn here from a lot of experienced people. (not me). At 10pm eastern come to the chat room and there will be blueprints posted along with a bunch of people from all over the globe to chat with.

Mark <º)))><

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