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rr spike hawk 3rd try

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i just got done with my 3rd try. i will post picks asap i am waiting on my dad to upload the pics. it is really sharp can cut paper. it was acid etched with 31 percent hcl do not worry i took proper safety measures. and i am fine looks nice and i love the finish. i have not made the handle yet. i want to raise enough money over summer break to buy a canoe and 223 varmint rifle. to go capybara hunting. i got the rr spikes legally from i friend of mine who bought 2,000 of them at an action about 30 years back when the local railroad closed down and sold every thing.he gave me 50 so i am at no chance of legal trouble. i will post picks asap. once you see the pics pleas tell me what it might be worth. i am guessing around $45 maybe $50, because i have no name out there. but you all would know more about that thanks and later.

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31% is a bit strong. be careful

i understand your concern.31% is commercial grade hcl $4 a gallon. if i want a weaker solution i will have to dilute it. i still have to work with 31%. so the way i look at it either way i have to work with strong acid. one is faster at etching. either one if i get it on my skin i am getting burned. so it is better to just take proper safety measures, and work with the stronger acid.at least in my opinion.
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Like much everything else, its worth what ever someone is willing to pay to have it. People do not pay much for RR spikes made into cutting tool's.

It may be fun to make them, but no real usage for them when made of poor metal, that even the best work with these does not get much money, Keep practicing, you will get better, but there is not much sales value in them, Call this a learning experience.

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The more you do, the better you will get. The better you get, the more you can ask for one of your hawks/knives. As Steve said, rrspike blades are not well suited for cutting due to their soft questionable steel. But, if you get to where your work is really high quality craftsmanship, then people will be interested in them as display pieces and pay a little more.
Practice, practice and then when you have it down pat, practice. Then you can use higher quality steel to begin making blades that will fetch higher prices.
A lot of the items I make that are nice but not high dollar pieces such as bottle openers I give away with a blacksmithing business card. Planting seeds.

Be patient.

Mark <><

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