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camping tripod

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Well I have a show coming up this weekend and they want me to do forging demonstraions along with the items I will be selling and I thought I give a try at making some tripods. Made two sizes, medium and heavy duty. They took longer than I imaginged they would but for my first time I didn;t really know what to expect. I also had a go at a few of the adjustable trammel hooks though I've never seen one first hand, just in books and I'll say that for something that looks so simple there can be a bit of a learning curve getting the proportions right and making everything mesh well, anyway, here's a few pics to pick at. Wes

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I hope the "heavy duty" ones don't have simple points on the feet---you put a 10 gallon bean pot on one and if the soil is soft it can ship and fall over!

For my heavy duty tripods I bend the bottom of each leg out and flatten it for a few inches and then bend the very tip down and point it----makes it easy to step on the flat to drive the point into the ground and the flat also helps keep it from sinking in (and the point from sliding out)

The problem is then that these don't pack as nice and can't be re-used as two uprights and a cross bar---but folks that need a *heavy* *duty* tripod will generally have others for other uses...

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