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some new vises

jerry p.

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I started looking for a vise about a year and a half ago- didn't seem to have any luck. I went to a hammer-in and one showed up. I bought it and my friend made me the stand for a Christmas gift. It's a 5" and weighs 70lbs, with the stand it's 305lbs. Then they seemed to get easier to find. The second one is 5 1/8" weighs 70lbs. I had to make a spring for it and cleaned it with electrolysis. I found "70" and "1892" on the moveable jaw. The third one is 5 3/8" weighs 70lbs. The mounting bracket has a "4" on the bottom and the screw box has a "2" on both sides. There is also an "8" under both jaws. The fourth one is 4 7/8" weighs 60 1/2lbs and is stamped "60 1/2" on the movable jaw. The last one is 7" and weighs 145lbs. I need to make a spring and mounting bracket for it. It has "Iron City" in a star stamped on it. Any idea who made any of these? The electrolysis cleaning method worked great. Thanks for any help! - Jerry P.

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The vise on the left, upper, and the red vise are probably Columbians. The 1892 vise is a mystery, perhaps made in New England. The plates with numbers are probably Columbian. The Iron City vises were made in Pittsburgh from the mid 1800's to the mid 1900's when they were bought by Warren Tool in Ohio.

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