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Surge supressor for induction forge?

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I don't have an induction forge, but I do have a lot of expensive electronics. If your going to go with a supressor, you will need to buy a good one. None of the 5-35$ wally world specials. Look more in the 50--150$ range.
Unless you forge a lot during heavy storms, I would wire in a disconnect box, or just unplug it.

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I have it wired directly to a 60 amp breaker right now (mine is 15KW from Grant)... I'm curious what others do. I suppose I could get a 50amp plug and just plug it in and unplug, and figure the plug can take 60amps from time to time... not a bad suggestion...


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You could just flip the breaker. ;) After a quick google search 60amp surge suppressors are pretty pricy. I would go with a disconnect switch. Something like: http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/SIEMENS-Air-Conditioning-Disconnect-6GNH0?Pid=search

But like I said, that is just from an electronic view. I'll let people with induction forges chime in!

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