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Giles S.

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Hello just introducing myself and why I'm here. I've decides to take up smithing as a hobby do to the fact the wife says I need one. I guess when I'm home I get under foot to much lol. So to keep peace in the house I figured I'd go along with it and beating hot steel with a blunt object seemed my style so here I am. I think I would like to stick with making knives and things like that and there is a lot of information here so I thought I'd join and see what I can learn.

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Hey Giles, welcome to IFI. If you are only going to do blacksmithing to "Keep from being underfoot." then you may be in for a surprise. If you get into it and the bug catches hold then you will not only not be under foot, you will be the guy that she seldome sees.

It can fast become an obsession, addiction, hobby, habit. I know from experience. I have never had a hobby that I liked as much as this. It occupies my waking hours thinking about what to make and how to improve what I do.

As you said there is a lot to learn here. There are many members here with an incredible amount of knowledge and they are willing to share. All you have to do is ask and you will get an answer and some opinions.

Every tuesday nite at 10pm eastern in the chat room there are BP's. Blue Prints that are put up for all there to see. They tell how to make things and how to improve things. Plus you get to chat with people from all over the world and gain their input.

Hang on, its a good ride.


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Welcome to the group
Your area has lots of blacksmith groups where you can get together with outher smiths to learn first hand
MS forge council has their conference at Jackson, MS May 28/29
It is not knife related but a good time non the less

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