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  1. Thank you for the feed back. I guess I'll just go with a tried and true design. I guess thats what i get for trying to be clever lol.
  2. OK then. Just out of curiosity where did I go wrong?
  3. So here is a design I came up with from some other ideas I saw on this forum. I just wanted some advice on changes I should consider and if its has the potential to get to welding temp or should I scrap the idea before I even try to build it? Sorry I had to save the plans as a .PDF . First Forge Plans.pdf
  4. Hello just introducing myself and why I'm here. I've decides to take up smithing as a hobby do to the fact the wife says I need one. I guess when I'm home I get under foot to much lol. So to keep peace in the house I figured I'd go along with it and beating hot steel with a blunt object seemed my style so here I am. I think I would like to stick with making knives and things like that and there is a lot of information here so I thought I'd join and see what I can learn.
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