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It is amazing what Docs can do today


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Well folks I have been ho,e since Sunday afternoon. A day later than expected. All went well. One od my 'issues' was instantly corrected then. Seems that there was a very fiborous scar tissue running up and down in teh pit. The surgen who was removing knew I had issue with this. He said once he snipped this my arm lifted almost 3 inches.... :lol:

The day ofter the surgery the Plastcic surgeon noticed a small area he was concerned with. It appears it was slightly pinched due to MY arm position. He was afraid that the small section would die, but the rest would just grow in.
IN either case he had me open my arm pit area up ( in a position I HAVE NOT
BEEN ABLE TO DO IN OVER 6 MONTHS ) But it seems to work as the pinched area is blistered. Apparently dead tissue does not blister.

Saw Dr Busby Monday and he removed one of 2 drain tubes. See him again next Monday.

Dawn said that I most likely have about 10-12 inches of linear scar tissue.
I think she is trying to get on my good side. 8)

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