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Bird's nest holder

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Has anyone ever made something to display a bird's nest? I have been looking around to get some ideas. My daughter and I have got 4 nests and several little blue eggs and are looking for a way to display them.

One idea I have is to incorporate a vine or a branch into my mantle and have it hang down under the mantle and cradle one of the nests.

I am also thinking of a simple stand to set on a desk.

Has anyone ever preserved a nest? I was debating between leaving them natural or spraying them with poly.

Also for anyone who thinks about collecting nests, put them in a zip lock bag and then into the freezer for a while to kill any mites.

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I had one of those sparrow nests that are like a ball with one entry hole in it that hung from a limb. I didn't do anything to it. Just zip tied the limb to a big nail in my shop and let the nest hang there like it did in the tree it blew out of (limb broke). It must have hung there for at least 6-7 years. I finally threw it out when reorganizing because it had so much grinder dust on it it didn't look like a nest anymore.

Poly could only help though, IMHO.


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In thinking about this some more, I think a nice wide spiral/scroll out of 1/8" rod then dished would look nice for the nest to sit in. Some of the nest would show through the negative space. You could terminate the center of the spiral by turning it down and forging an acorn, ball, leaf or something on the end. The outer end of the spiral could be turned up and forged into and nice arc over the center with a hook or eye on the end for hanging. All one piece and flowing.

It's an interesting project, can't wait to see what you come up with.

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I think my first try will be a combination of the two ideas. I will make a a ladle shape but have a spiral instead of a solid dish. Curve the handle so I can attach to the upper end to a wall and it will tilt the nest forward at the bottom. With probably a organic termination of the spiral. I will post pics when done, which will be after I get some other things made for the wife.

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