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some of my work


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Hello folks , I thought I would post a few of my blades , the small blades are all Tamahagane except for a few sanmai/damascus . the one in shirasaya is nearly finished , I also make a sword or two whenever I get a consignment . best regards Bubba-san








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Ok, now I remember seeing some of your work. Very cool blades. Thanks for showing them. Post pics when you complete the others.


Thanks Mark , I certainly appreciate . Been under the weather a bit , I should be at it again soon . Bubba
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Thanks Mark , I certainly appreciate . Been under the weather a bit , I should be at it again soon . Bubba

Greetings Bubba-san (James), Your forging is fantastic. Are the majority of the blades presented here for wood carving? Aside from the four large tanto-style blades. Were they used to carve the handle and sheath shown?
As a newbie, I am confused by the absence of tang holes. Maybe they are not necessary on knives. Is that common? In the book I am currently reading, "The Craft Of the Japanese Sword", the tangs all have holes, And are extensively textured with file mark patterns. Texturing the tang with files is something that I was previously unaware of.

Also, in another thread titled "sword and hawk" you posted pics of stone weapons. Sorry to get off topic, but last year I found an artifact in the Little Missouri river. It looks like a large stone peanut,(peanuts still in the shell) about 4" long, with decorative carving on it. Most of the design is worn away. Was this maybe some kind of club head? Again, sorry to jump track. Your blade work is masterful. :)

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