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hydraulic forging press design


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Some where on the net I saw a hydraulic forging press that used 2 hydraulic pistons and built with an I-beam. Now that I have most of the material I can not the info anywhere. I have a 24" I-bean, hydraulic power system and the necessary hydraulic equipment. Any help would be appricated. thanks all.

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That's my press. It's a 60 ton two cylinder hydraulic forging press. It was made from a 24" I-beam, 23-3/4" x 7" by 56" high. Note all the extra bracing welded on the ends, top and bottom. One of the things not covered in safety on the video is to get protective sleeves for the high pressure hoses. There is also a part 2 to the video. If I can help you with anything let me know.


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Andrew, I really recommend you get "Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press" by Jim Batson, you can get it at the American Bladesmith site:


That will give you all the specifics on cylinders, pumps, motors and set-ups.

BTW my motor is 3,450 rpm.

Stay safe!

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