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Moved the LG yesterday

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Thanks again to everyone for the input in my thread asking how to move a LG.
After waiting for the snows to melt and rains to stop, we were able to get the move scheduled.

Here is a link to show what we did: http://photobucket.com/littlegiantmovingday

Overall, it was an easy move due to having a backhoe at the pickup and unload point and totalled 3 hours from start to finish.
The LG was about 6 miles away and the same backhoe and operator was at each location.
The operator charged me $150.00 which was a steal from a safety standpoint.

Initially, wide straps were used to secure it at the top and then we decided to add the chains and binders anyways.
A chase vehicle followed with a 2-way radio to watch for any load shifting. It stayed put.

Ran a 220 line from the load center and powered it up for a moment.
Next will be greasing and oiling the fittings and bearing surfaces and checking on the electric motor which looks like it has oil bath bearings.

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Great News! And under power in the new home too....

I never understood people willing to cut corners on safety for rather paltry amounts of money saved; the cost for just *1* visit to an ER for cause these days would probably *buy* a very fancy powerhammer indeed, even not factoring in down time and possible future impairment.

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