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Flamingo tasting spoon

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Hey guys this was a little piece I made this last weekend, This is my first spoon and my first flamingo (it just kinda came to me as i was sitting looking at a piece of flat stock). I plan to put the features into the bird in the next two weeks, i have to make some chisels for it first. Let me know what you think, and any notes on spoon making are welcome as this was just off the top of my head and i used my Swage block spoon form for the shaping.






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You may want to make a plannishing stake to help smooth and shape the spoon after dishing. I like grinding a RR spike head to a nice domes and tapered form and use a fairly light broad faced hammer to plannish with. Also adjusting too deep a axial curve can be done using a stump and a piece of wood as a thwacker without messing up the spoon.

Finally does Flamingo taste anything like spotted owl?

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