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  1. have not forgot to e-mail you with lesson plan for the scouts

  2. i went to the local rail yard and ask if they had scrap i could take and the purpose for the scrap, they told me what scrap i could take from and that i could do so whenever i needed it for work i was doing......all that to say, sometimes if ya just ask the rail yard managers they will help you out, even more so if you bring them a trinket or two :)
  3. Foaming Mug

    Bending Tool 5

    will be welding this up this weekend for sure, thanks RT
  4. amazing work man, love how clean it all is, simple lines making strong statements, even more impressive that no powerhammer used. -fm
  5. thanks for the comments, the anvil is brand new, i plan to take down the edges a bit,but wanted to get a feel for it before i changed it, though that is on the list this week to do. i plan to chamfer the edges next week, i am trying to stay away from power tools till i learn the proper anvil work for sure, thanks agian -fm
  6. Hey guys this was a little piece I made this last weekend, This is my first spoon and my first flamingo (it just kinda came to me as i was sitting looking at a piece of flat stock). I plan to put the features into the bird in the next two weeks, i have to make some chisels for it first. Let me know what you think, and any notes on spoon making are welcome as this was just off the top of my head and i used my Swage block spoon form for the shaping.
  7. ok guys just wanted to share this, my first tong blank, will be completing the pair next weekend let me know what what you think, again these are not complete but in process, need to cleanup reins and finish out end, and duh make another on lol!!!! -FM
  8. wow now thats a cool kid there, he is lookin great. great photos lyle.
  9. anyone know how to make a cold branding iron, we have been asked to make one and i wanna do it right so figured i would hit IFI and see if we can find some good info as usual... -FM
  10. bmiller- you are right we skipped that step lol I remembered it but could not remember it exactly, and baddog (older guy with less tattoos) couldnt remember either so we figured we had it confused with another project thus left out. thanks for reminding me about it and where to put it, number 2 will have that for sure. i'll be posting pics using it in the next few days and maybe pics of a second one as well, thanks for all the comments -FM
  11. We (myself and baddog) made this hot cut today, it was our first time striking and making this. We used the method we learned from Brian B. and LDW last weekend, I wont say we got it all right but we did produce a hot cut. Let us know what you think and what improvements can be made thanks FM
  12. Foaming Mug


    very cool piece, like the multimedia usage
  13. nice lookin stand you got there like the red, gave me ideas for improvements on my new stand.
  14. Just wanted to say that Balcones Forge had a great event this weekend at the Bluebonnet demo with Brian Brazeal and Lyle Wynn, These guys really brought it this weekend even with Brian slowly losing his voice I managed to squeeze alot of knowledge in my oh so small brain. Then there was the awesome auction full of awesome items and tons of laughs. One really special thanks to Brain and Lyle for the Flatter so me and Russ can get to makin some hammers!!!! postin pics soon. Thanks again Balcones Forge and Huge thanks to Brian and Lyle for all the knowledge and brain pickin they could take.