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I Forge Iron

forge idea??

Patrick F

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I already built a fire pit a long time ago. I was wondering if I could dig the ground up put a pipe in and fill the hole back in with mud. then scrap out and form a hole going straight up from where the pipe is on both sides.
for the air flow. let dry and use it?

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Keep an eye out around you. Research how heat retention and radiation work, roughly understand it. When I was in your shoes and wanted to up grade I'd collected some stuffs, pipes, a grill, hand tools. Unscented Kittie litter and wood ash with a little hand dug clay will take you far but an old grill or 55 gallon barrel with a stand will work fine. I hope you find some inspiration from these photos. On my trashy ol' forge I use a shop vac with a ball valve. The hose nozzle fits over 1/2 and with a hoseclamp I can easily release the stress on the machine when restricted by slidin' it further forward or back revealing holes.

My old ground forge now makes charcoal:


I started humbly.


Then built my trench forge slowly. One layer at a time slowly around a piece of pipe. It uses a hairdryer or shop vac. It's great with I load it up with charcoal and then add wood. Gasses circulate from the wood and ignite but when closed and air restricted if I have enough coals I can make charcoal on the fly, it just takes time management skills to hand a charcoal set up if coal is unavailable and propane is too expensive.

When I adopted coal I went back to the drawing board.

There is an infinite number of possibilities. I once set out to be a blacksmith and now I find that is a title that has many meanings. Become a creator and the world is your oyster.

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