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another mystery anvil

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Looks cool. Was it toward Malakoff or Red Dog? I used to ride dirt bikes out there and came across a lot of abandoned equipment back in the day.
this does not look very useful being hollow and cast iron but it is cool. How much does it weigh?

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The opening on the side in the second picture looks like the anvil was inserted onto another piece and twisted to lock it in place. Is there any wear or stress marks around the opening that would help with that thought? Maybe it was mounted on the side of a cart or wagon or something portable for in the field work.
Just my uneducated thoughts.
Cool looking though and in nice shape as per the pictures.


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Mystery is certainly a good way of describing that ASO.

I'm thinking it might have been a casting project for an apprentice foundryman. Nothing about that anvil makes any sense. It's too light, and hollow, for serious work. Even as a traveling anvil, I just can't see it standing up to daily use even making nails by the hundred.

That conical projection and the cut-outs on the opposite side would seem to indicate, to me, that this was a test piece for a guy just learning how to make molds. In one pour, he gets to show his capabilities making a multitude of shapes, forms and contours.

No matter how you cut it, I've certainly not seen anything like it before.

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