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Our first hot cut hardie

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We (myself and baddog) made this hot cut today, it was our first time striking and making this. We used the method we learned from Brian B. and LDW last weekend, I wont say we got it all right but we did produce a hot cut. Let us know what you think and what improvements can be made



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Hi Foaming Mug,

I don't know which one you are but I met one of you (the older one, without the tatoos) on Sunday after lunch at the workshop.

Your hot cut hardy looks good but since we are all trying to get better and you asked, I'll see if I can give some helpful suggestions.

There needs to be a fuller indentation at the top of the shaft 90 degrees to the shaft. I can't tell if you have one but on Brian's I measured about 1/2 inch between sides (thickness). Then I would work more on the end and flatten the "hills and valleys". When your flatter is almost getting flush with the bottom of the horizontal fuller mark, start a taper towards the end until you end up with around 1/8" or slightly thicker edge. This will enable you to grind with the appropriate angle and function properly.

Hope that made sense.


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Nice looking tool you got there.

I made one of the Brian B. inspired taper shank hot cuts and absolutly love it!!! I use it all the time. One hit and it never moves. A little tap on the bottom and it pops right out of the hardy hole. I made my taper to work in hardy holes from 7/8" to 1 1/4"

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bmiller- you are right we skipped that step lol I remembered it but could not remember it exactly, and baddog (older guy with less tattoos) couldnt remember either so we figured we had it confused with another project thus left out. thanks for reminding me about it and where to put it, number 2 will have that for sure.

i'll be posting pics using it in the next few days and maybe pics of a second one as well, thanks for all the comments


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