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  1. 66 Chevy used mainly for taking welding gas bottles to the welding store for refills.
  2. Hi Foaming Mug, I don't know which one you are but I met one of you (the older one, without the tatoos) on Sunday after lunch at the workshop. Your hot cut hardy looks good but since we are all trying to get better and you asked, I'll see if I can give some helpful suggestions. There needs to be a fuller indentation at the top of the shaft 90 degrees to the shaft. I can't tell if you have one but on Brian's I measured about 1/2 inch between sides (thickness). Then I would work more on the end and flatten the "hills and valleys". When your flatter is almost getting flush with the bottom of the horizontal fuller mark, start a taper towards the end until you end up with around 1/8" or slightly thicker edge. This will enable you to grind with the appropriate angle and function properly. Hope that made sense. Bill
  3. Sorry about that, don't know what happened. I said my ears are still ringing! Just kidding! It didn't bother me at all, I was trying to stay focused on what Brian and Lyle were teaching us. Good thing I had an Awesome partner!! Thanks for letting me join in with you and hope we got some good things figured out. Bill
  4. Thanks guys! Phil, I put a shade that comes within 1/2 inch from the top of the handle so it looks good like it is. Thanks for the comments, I know what you mean about covering up something you spent time on. Bill
  5. Thanks guys. Pat, don't you have the anti vibration syncronization motor attachment? Works great for me. Bill
  6. My neighbor is an autocad designer that's been out of work for about a year. I told him to come up with a couple designs that his wife might like and I'd see what I could come up with. Here's the results. The manger scene and star are both 3/16 plate cut out with my welding torch. Hope you like it. Bill
  7. Haven't seen too many Christmas ideas this year but here's a pair of bookends I made for my mother-in-law. Hope you like them. Bill Feel free to add what you've made too!
  8. Jacques, I like your projects. That's a good idea about trying to do something everyday. Looks like you finished something almost everyday and that's incredible. Some of my latest projects seem to take a couple weeks but I'd like to practice more by making some of the smaller things. Yesterday my goal was to make twenty leaf keyfobs and I ended up making a bowl with a candle holder frame. And then worked on a sculpture I'm almost finished with. No keyfobs! Maybe next time. Good job, keep showing pictures. Bill
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  10. Hey Tom, looks like you're on your way to some good learning! I'm glad you mentioned (or someone) about the Louisiana Metalsmith Association get together this weekend with Brian as the demonstrator. Looks like I'll be coming from Texas to learn too! It'll be my first as well so I'm excited about meeting Brian and getting some new ideas and meeting you too. Look forward to seeing you Saturday! Bill
  11. Here's my latest project I just finished today for a hair salon. About 22 inches long. The scissors and lily are hand forged. The lily is the first one I've made and I used the instructions from Mark Aspery's book (thanks Mark). Any suggestions? Bill
  12. Very nice! Did you braze your leaves around the stem? And how did you bend the stem? Bill
  13. Thanks guys! Fe Wood - I used four layers of petals on all the roses. The small rusty one I made the top petal with two petals, all the rest have five petals per layer. Bill
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