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Another new guy...

T3h Naruto

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So, my name is Sam.

I just joined a couple hours ago and have been reading all the forums and came across this. So might as well.

I'm 17 and interested in this for a hobby. I love every type of blade/knife, esp bali-songs. I have so much fun with those things.

I hope to get some suggestions on how to start. I want to start off small with knives then work my way up to swords if I'm good enough.

Hope to get good feedback.


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Hey Sam, Welcome to IFI. If you want input on how to get started, this is the place to ask. I'd like to suggest that in your profile you list the general area in which you live. This will help another blacksmith in your area contact you and offer help in getting started. The advice you'll get here is great but nothing beats meeting up with other smiths and learning from them. There are blacksmith guilds/groups all over the world and chances are that one might be near you.
I started small with little things like nails, "J" hooks, bbq tools and so on. Modeling clay, the type that you get at an art supply store is great to learn on. It acts like hot iron and helps you with hammer control.
List where you are and let us know where you are in the learning process.


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hi sam welcome to the forum = mark is right this is a great place to learn some stuff - if you hope to make good blades one day then there are many experts on here to help you get started (im not one of them!!) my advice would be keep it very very simple to start off with - thats the quickest way to learn well - good luck with your new hobby :)

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hi i chat with you last night, and you was chatting with Mr. Rich Hale. they dont get better than him, pay attention to his advise, and dont look for much good advise in chat! room is full of loose nuts waiting for an impact wrench, thats why i am so often, found a home!

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