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Hello, 12-18-06
I would like to introduce my self. My name is Ted Throckmorton. I just stumbled onto this web site and found it to be something I would like to become affiliated with.
This is a short version of introducing my self. I wrote a very long “first” version of “Hello” and scared myself to death with my ramblings after I read it. I attribute it to years inhaling products of combustion. I hate to waste anything, even the smell.
I have been at it, first as a hobby, then as a profession for just over 50 years.
I found I still have so much, much more to learn from “everybody”. I need all the help and advice I can get.
My passion is promoting shop safety.
Keep Safe, Keep Safe!
Ted Throckmorton

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Howdy fom East Texas! and welcome to IFI! Glad you came aboard and lookforward to learning from you. Where ya from?

Thomas, I live in eastern Utah. 110 Miles east of Salt Lake City.
Duchesne, Utah You might say I'm quite a cool guy right now. It's about 10 degrees out side.
Thank you all for the friendly greetings.
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Duchesne don't get THAT cold. I grew up in Randolph, I'm sure you've heard of randolph if you catch the weather on KSL. That's were the real cold is. All my kin are in Evanston and Rocksprings now. Got a very good buddy from down your way by the name of Gary Jewett. 'Course he lives in Washington now and was a bit of a hermit when he lived in Duchesne. Welcome aboard (belatedly). We'll have to hook up on the chat some time, it's always nice to talk to folks from behind the zion curtain.


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Thank You for your "welcome" and the note.
I have never been there, but I know you are right about Randolph being one cold place!
I lived in Big Piney Wyo. 1955, 56, 57. That was cool place also.
I got hitched two years ago. When we went on our honey moon, we drove through parts of Oregon. We drove along the Columbia River, then down the coast traveling mostly on route 1 & 101 on into Ca. We must have come fairly close to Klamath Falls at one point. We loved Oregon.
The best to you!

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