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This site has been incredibly helpful in stoking the fire I thought long dormant.

After HS, I spent a bit of time working with a blacksmith in Georgia and I miss it more than I thought. It's been more years than I care to count since I last cranked up a forge, and I've long since gotten rid of the small amount of tools I had. But, I'm certainly keen to get back into the game.

I'm halfway down by Lake Greenwood and am currently in search for another anvil while I build a gas forge. Soon, very soon.....

Thanks for the inspiration, gents!

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Hey Vaughn,
Welcome to IFI and back to Blacksmithing. Glad to have you. In no time you will be back up and running. There are a lot of people here with tons of knowledge they are willing to share. That is what impresses me the most, that they are willing to share. Any questions just ask, someone will give you their opinion.


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Hey vaughn ,
glad to see someone post in the PSABGSC section of iforge!
I am next to Clemson Univ. that's a bit of a drive from greenwood though but if you need help building a gas forge or burners for the forge I'll lend a hand( ive built 6 so far)
also our next meeting is down by charleston at the magnolia gardens . for once i am off work and going there!

good luck getting tools together for sure,

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Thank you, gents, for the kind welcome.

I worked a bit back in the day, but nothing grand and seeing all the projects here has really given me the itch. That and having a nephew that needs to learn this stuff....

Ironsmith, I'd love to talk with you about those forges. I've been planning mine, and replanning, and rereplanning, never seem to actually get something done! Every time I think I have a design down, I see something different being done and think maybe that would be the better way to go. I do actually have a good piece of pipe to start with, though. Just got to get the rest of the stuff and grow a pair....

Heard there was a smith in the Greenwood region, but I've not run across him. Heard about another one in Anderson, but I think he's passed. Did some nice work, though.

Still, I'm keen to keep on plugging away at it. There's knives to be made and a nephew in need of learnin'!

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