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in need of employ - melbourne.

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hello fellow blacksmiths/tradesmen/alchemists.....

i was wondering if anyone on iforgeiron works as a smith in the greater melbourne region, or could recommend one, as i will be moving there from cairns in the next few months.

i am a 28 yr old currently working for an ornamental ironwork business in cairns, and i completed my apprenticeship a year ago in brisbane with Forge bros in carole park.
i have been trained to use massey 1 and 5 cwt self contained hammers and also other forging machines:
120 ton Massey forging press
202A John Hiene press
200 ton Foster forging/drawing press
300 ton Eumuco upsetter
Sullivan drill rod upsetter
i am also a competent mig and stick welder.

i am seeking gainful employment to further my blacksmithing skills and career.
i have also delved into historical reproduction and armour fabrication.
if anyone could help me out i would be extremely grateful.
thanyou in advance,
John 'Woody' Charlton

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G'Day John ,

You could try Lofts & son's . Another is Ferrus Forge .
Another at Bayswater & Berrick . Think 1 in Geelong .

What part of Melbourne you moving too . Is a couple of 1 - 2 man shops around , but not sure if they's after any 1 at the moment

Dale Russell

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i am trying to find some work to base my location around....that old chestnut..
so anywhere in the greater melbourne area, within an hours drive to the cbd but hopefully closer, is right on the money. me wife doesnt want to be too far out....
i have searched 'blacksmith melbourne' but have not had much luck...... i found 'warp ironworks' in bayswater, but ill look for the berrick one too.
thanks for your reply, when i move down ill get in contact, maybe some beers will be had....are you within a daytrip of the 'bourne?

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