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Here are a few things I make/ forge The first piece is an abstract of man with turban made from shibuichi, the second is a fine silver tsuba (plain) the third is another tsuba made from shibu also with a bit of gold , 4th is another tsuba made from shibu also and the fuchi / kashira is made from shakudo with pine needle pattern . Thanks for looking . Bubba-san








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you and I should get together for collaboration, as I dont do anything as good as these bits of yours. just the blades, Nice work

Sure thing Steve, I like doing collaborative work . Most of my furniture is forged but, I do a little casting work also .
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Hey Bubba... good to see you again.. :) Great work as always!

Hey Buddy , hows it going . I just joined this forum . Its nice to see a good site that is primarily focused on forging work . I tried starting a forum just for that purpose but, I couldn't attract enough members ? too many grinders and waterjets . Not true bladesmith work . I think I will enjoy myself here .
Take care Bubba
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