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lead ladle

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i really needed a lead ladle to consolidate all of my lead scrap, so i made this in a little over an hour so it is fairly rough, but i needed to cast some pewter and a soup can wasn't handy nor would it have been a permanent solution to the problem. the burns on the handle were from when i lent it to the school art class for pewter casting(not always recommended), and a few were my fault :)
But anyway, the bowl it riveted in 2 places to the handle(rivets are coat hanger), and the wood is jambed on the tang. the shank had the end flattened for the rivets and the handle end pointed and barbed, and jambed in a hole in the handle, which is a piece of old 2X4. There is a staple on the other end of the handle for hanging it on the bench.
post-1642-0-73080000-1298590774_thumb.jp post-1642-0-64505100-1298590790_thumb.jp
post-1642-0-82696300-1298590803_thumb.jp post-1642-0-55857500-1298590819_thumb.jp

now I need to make a bigger one!

Edward Steinkirchner

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Looks good, Ed. I made one at our shop once when I couldn't find our actual lead ladle. I just took a cast iron hard cap and welded a steel handle on it. It was only meant for one use to get someone by, but it's still around!
Please post pics of your next one.


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