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Neo-Tribal blade for a KITH



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  1. 1. Which makes for the best photo?

    • Cactus pad
    • Brick
    • Stone

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This is a little blade I banged out as a demonstration peice for a buddy of mine. I'd show him the steps on my knife, then he'd follow with his. I then used it to demonstrate filing and heat treatment for a student. I decided it would make a good entry for a Knife in the Hat exchange on the Hoodlums forum, so I threw my name in the hat.

The steel is differentially heat treated 5160 triple hardened in veggie oil. The handle is hemp cord for the main wrap, cotton cord for the Turk's head knot, and amber shellac to seal it. It's shaving sharp and ready to ship. :)

I took pics of it in a local park (second oldest public park in the U.S.) and tried three different backgrounds. Which makes for the best photo?




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I am curious. Everything i have read says to harden once, and then do several temperings, not to harden multiple times. Is that what you were meaning or are you heating the blade up to non magnetic 3 times in a row and quenching each time?

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Rainy Raven; I remember you just starting out and boy your blades have gotten *nice*! over the years.

I prefer the top photo with the bottom photo as second (cropping it down to just the cactus would help the bottom one I think, the dirt is destracting). The color match between the rock and the blade is excellent in the top one!

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Thanks, Thomas! To quote Monty Python, "I'm gettin' better!" :D

Not fancy, but nice is what I aim at. Well-executed, functional, simplistic beauty. Had a fellow recently compare my style with the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, and as I understand the idea it seems to be a pretty good fit. I've come to understand that my sense of aesthetic enjoys the blending of the works of man and the works of God. My blades' flow of lines with the texture of the scale. Rat rods with the evidence of time worked with instead of hidden. Architecture that compliments and contrasts in a good way with nature. Not that I don't enjoy other styles, but for myself that is what draws my attention best.

The consensus over several forums seems to be the bricks don't work at all, the rock makes a more interesting background, but it's easier to see on the cactus. I'll keep playing around; a darker or much lighter rock might help.

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I find that a plainer background is better. Softer colors also better. Fuzzy texture excellent! My best background is a side of rawhide. The texture on the plainer side is very subtle and both texture and color are unremarkable... thus the work stands out better. See example:


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