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Larry H

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Thanks every one.
Its terrible for this to be happening again to Christchurch and sad we didn't get off so lucky this time.
I consider my self very lucky i decide to have lunch when i did otherwise i would have had a shelf full of scrap steel fall on me. my shop looks like a bomb hit it the only things that didn't fall where things bolted to the ground like my anvil, flypress, power hammer and vice. Unfortunately this new earthquake means the business i had just started in Ferrymead Heritage park is bound to fail. The smithy its self is still standing undamaged but the large brick horse stable next door has partially collapsed meaning i can't use my smithy until it is demolished or repaired which could take months. Also my main customers were tourists and seeming as over 50% of the historical buildings have been leveled i don't think Christchurch is going to have many tourists visiting in the next years.

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yeah me too,,,,best wishes for you lot..and a speedy get back to normal.

What Mike said.

J.A, this'll probably sound heartless & maybe mercenary, but... If those old buildings are going to be restored, or if new ones in the old style will be built... Who's going to supply all the ironwork, eh? I mean, mass produced & obvioulsy stick welded stuff just does not look right.
Now I wouldn't be surprised if your local planning / heritage officers don't know there are still blacksmiths capable of doing it right. Go educate them & good luck. ;)
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